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Microcurrent Light Therapy - Facial Rejuvenation 

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Microcurrent Light Therapy - Facial Rejuvenation

     Having great skin doesn’t just happen, it’s a commitment. Just like regular
workouts at the gym keep your body fit and tone, your face which is comprised of 43 muscles, can benefit greatly from an active regimen to maintain its elasticity and youthfulappearance. Clinicians across the country are raving about the remarkable
age-reversing effects of Microcurrent Light Therapy (MLT)- today’s most powerful
non-surgical aid for tightening and toning facial muscles that can make you look
years younger in just weeks. You can think of MLT as your own personal “skin
gym” or an anti-gravity workout for your face. But whatever you call it, it works.

How Does MLT Work?

     MLT is an FDA-approved low frequency electro-stimulation and simlutaneous therapeutic color light therapy that tightens, tones and “retrains” your facial muscles for long lasting results. MLT works by stimulating muscles to build firmness and correct color with light therapy that matches the light that is naturally emitted by each cell in your body. Continuous treatments can lift your skin and restore it to its natural state of luminosity.

How does MLT differ from other Micro-current treatments?

     Popular, and widely available, "micro-current" treatments can be found everywhere from infomercials to groupon deals but there are various factors that set our technology & services apart. The first major difference in MLT and other micro-currents is the infinitely customizable frequency and intensity in our technology that is not usually found in other systems. Vast amounts of research in the emerging field of Bioelectronics has been conducted to identify which frequencies and intensities help to address different physiological concerns (Rosacea, dry skin, scarring, etc). The flexibility of our equipment combined with our continued education and research in this field means that your MLT sessions are going to be customized specifically to your concerns by knowledgeable practitioners. The second major difference in MLT is the simultaneous color light therapy technology the occurs during each treatment. LED light therapy in different wavelengths is now widely used in the medical and skin care industry to treat many skin-related issues, such as acne, wound healing and collagen stimulation. Combining all of these technologies, MLT delivers a powerful treatment process that provides noticeable results.

What to Expect

     With MLT, you’ll notice the results right away, but remember, the real benefits
are cumulative. Just like working out at the gym! MLT is ideal for tightening and
lifting those areas of your face that tend to show age including your eyelids, the
jaw, forehead and more without surgery or harsh chemicals. Just sign up, and book out your appointments.

A complete treatment course has an average of 10 - 20 visits within the first six weeks followed by a recommended once a month maintenance visit. The first session is done with a full facial (about two hours), which should be repeated again at around  the 10th visit. The other sessions take an hour. Although you may be completely happy after 10 sessions we strongly recommend that you plan on doing 20 sessions as often the most positive results begin to happen at around the 15th treatment. When you reach the desired results, just convert to a maintenance package, come back once a month and enjoy your beautiful skin.

MLT  Benefits Include:

Tightening and lifting slack muscles

Stimulating natural collagen and elastin fibers

Smoothing and eliminating fine lines and wrinkles

Reducing the appearance of scars

Promoting better cellular metabolism

Opening eyelids

Reducing puffiness, bags, and redness

Improving the appearance of cellulite

Controlling acne, Rosacea and eczema


The "Lift Off" Package (10 sessions, including 1 full facial) - $1250

The Booster Pack (6 session, including 6 full facials) - $1000

Home Care Regiment - Prices vary depending on conditions

See the Skin Care Services page for ala carte pricing

Who are the best candidates for MLT treatments?

     This treatment is for old and young alike.

Who should NOT have MLT treatments?

     People with a history of Epilepsy, Thrombosis, Heart problems, pacemakers or other implanted electrical devices.

•     People with skin diseases, or have recently undergone facial surgery. Also this treatment should be avoided during a fever blister outbreak, or while open cuts, abrasions, or wounds are present although the light therapy can be very helpful to avoid scarring.

•     Although there is no scientific proof that this treatment is harmful to pregnant women, it is advised to wait until after delivery before undergoing such a treatment.